The observation of the national anthem. Kent, Ohio. February 2018.

Red hats, the Republican National Convention. July 2016. 

Mogadore, Ohio. February 2018.

Storm and stripes. Medina, Ohio. June 1, 2017.

Space cowboy. July 2016.

Donald. Akron, Ohio. August 2016.

Inauguration Day, Washington D.C. January 2017.

Cleveland, Ohio. July 2016.

Stow, Ohio. September 2017.

Mansfield, Ohio. July 2018.

Ohio City. June 2018.

Cross on hilltop. Dante, Virginia. November 2016.  

Lawn decoration. Elkhorn City, Kentucky. November 2016.

Canton, Ohio. July 2017. 

Benton, Arkansas. June 2019. 

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